Avocado Delight

oh avocado!!!

Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine

More than once I have been asked “what is it you are having?”….


Saturday at Soluna Champel, I give the morning class, that I LOVE, packed with people and energy. I usually have on the side of the desk, a smoothie I am sipping, which is my breakfast. Most of the yogis are inquisitive about my glass jar filled with some obscure thick liquid.

Because you are so many to have inquired, here is a recipe of one of the many smoothie I make.

This is one I had religiously, not to say psychorigidly every morning for many years. I discovered that avocados could be eaten as a desert and not just in a savoury manor in Ethiopia. For months I was overjoyed with the amazing way of having breakfast with a “SPRISS“.

I must admit I was reluctant about it in the beginning, oh boy! How silly I…

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