Book Report: Isa Does It!

Lisa's Project: Vegan


I got an email recently from the Online Marketing Manager at the publisher of Isa Does It! She asked me if I would like to receive a review copy of the cookbook.

Um, YES!

Are you kidding me? Isa is my vegan hero. I have said that at least 100 times over the last few years on this blog. She has written a whole bunch of cookbooks and maintains, her website with lots of great recipes and photos. It is totally my go to site when I need a good idea like when people ask me for a pumpkin pie recipe. I don’t have one. Here is Isa’s. 

Isa’s writing has played a key part in my cooking journey. Here is an excerpt from “My Vegan Story” in Chickpea Magazine:

“I finally worked up the courage and attempted broccoli-millet croquettes from Veganomicon by Isa Moskowitz. I never cooked millet before…

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