The great question

Dear friends,

I follow Caroline Kere on social media.  I like her sense of humor, the wisdom in her posts and of course, her love for Rwanda.

So this morning I read her latest blog. It had me reflect and pause and cry. I am grateful Caroline published this blog.

Life is mysterious and death seems to be an even bigger mystery (at least to those of us still alive). I don’t know and I cannot imagine what it is to have your child leave first.

She punctuates her story with this question “Divine intervention?” and leaves it there for us to reflect upon.

I was once told that God, goodness, guru [the enlightenment principle operating within us and around us at all times] are the same.

“ In the yogic traditions God’s nature is described as sat-chit-ananda: eternal life, infinite consciousness, and limitless bliss. God is the One—the timeless, universal consciousness of unconditional love, as well as the source of the souls and their own creative impetus. The individual soul is a spark from the sun of God that experiences the universe during a journey in the manifest worlds. The individual soul is the same sat-chit-ananda nature as God, but the soul’s voyage in the spheres of relative existence engenders a confusion of identity. Through identification with the various bodies she produces, which are the vehicles that make the voyage possible, the soul forgets her true nature. She comes to believe she is those bodies, and hence, that she is mortal, limited, and subject to suffering. This confusion is not due to any original sin deserving punishment from God; it is a primal energy that is itself the seed of the cosmic drama of separation and reunion. Suffering reaches its most poignant state in a human being, awakening a sense that “all is not well.” This recognition of elementary dissatisfaction is the beginning of the conscious spiritual pilgrimage by the soul. She begins to search for answers that address the causes of suffering and its appeasement. The contemplative power of the soul, the intuition, begins to raise the Great Question, the atma-vichara: “Who am I?” The soul spends many incarnations exploring this question and the multitude of answers available in the world. Finally she reaches the point where the atma-vichara becomes the primary influence in life, and the search for a satisfactory answer motivates the undertaking of spiritual practice.” – Prem Prakash, excerpt from “The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion A MODERN TRANSLATION OF THE NARADA BHAKTI SUTRAS”

Dear Caroline, a glimpse into your life is a powerful reminder of the Great question and that love is the only thing that truly matters in life. Thank you.

It is also said that few human beings are actively pursuing an answer to the great question “ who I am?” .

My profound gratitude to all the spiritual masters and seekers who have shared their journey and wisdom with me.

Sending blessings and love to all,




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