Thank you!

Dear readers,

I hope you have happily stepped into the new year and took the time to rest and recharge.

I won’t ask about your new year’s resolutions but I just wanted to let you know that a couple of friends are taking on the veganuary challenge. HOW COOL IS THIS?

2017 was a rich and intense year and offered me countless opportunities for learning and growing. To remain humble and teachable is my daily practice.

I am grateful beyond words to the yogis, to my family and to my friends around the world for their continuous support and understanding all along.  Please stay in my life.

Yoga philosophy teaches that kindness, friendliness is a super power.  I have definitely been on the receiving end this year. THANK YOU!

Master Patanjali Yoga Sutras Book 3, verse 23
मैत्र्यादिषु बलानि॥२३॥
Maitri ādiṣu balāni
maitri, friendliness; adisu, etc.; balani, strength
By cultivating friendliness and such things, strengths are acquired.

This is my wish to you: give daily blessings (yes, we are this powerful),  be the friend you wish you had.

With blessings and gratitude,


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