Yogis, friends,


It is this time of the year again… August Wild Woodstock intensive retreat.

Last saturday, in his opening remarks Davidji mentioned that in India, August coincides with what is called the month of Shravan.

The Sanskrit term  śrāvaṇa ( or Shravana) means to listen.

In the passage below, the great Shyamdasji beautifully explains to the importance of the practice of listening. He says:

In the teachings on love, the increasement of bhakti comes from tyagah- śrāvaṇa – kirtanah. (…) When you renounce what is unrelated (tyagah) then you have a lot of free time to listen (śrāvaṇa) to what is related (…) Then your ears are opened. And your mind is opened. And it inflates the heart and the mind to an extent that one then breaks up into what is called kirtanah. That is the remedy for the increasement of Bhav in one’s life

So that’s the number one priority while I’m here: To listen… and eventually but inevitably to be in the Bhav


With love always,


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