A blessed “black moon” and Blesssed Navaratri everyone

On this very auspicious day, the very knowledgeable Manorama shared this blog

Today the Durgā festival known as Navarātrí starts. This Fall, the festival dates are from Oct 10 to Oct 11.
This is a special time as it reflects the shift from a more outward movement of energy to a more inward movement. So take this time in your practice to start to pull in and feel more on an inner level.

Navaratri is a festival devoted to the goddess in all her aspects, especial Durgā Mātā. The goddess represents protection, benevolence and support and much more. When we sing her praises through chanting mantras, or when we meditate on her, we draw that protection, light and goodness into our lives.

If you feel drawn to participate this year here is a simple Durgā Pūjā you can do each day during the festival.

A Luminous Soul
Simple Goddess Pūjā
By Manorama

1. Purchase fresh flowers (red or white)

2. Purchase a fresh piece of fruit that you’ll make as an offering.

3. Clean your altar or sacred space.

4. If you have a Durgā murti (statue)
you can bathe her in buttermilk and fresh water. (Vegan option: Use coconut milk and fresh water).

5. Place fresh flowers in a vase and place near the murti.

6. Place your offering of fresh fruit near the murti.

7. Say this mantra 9 x’s:


I offer my respect to the goddess Durga, who is the force of protection, beneficence and luminous light.

8. Place a fresh tea light in a holder. Light the candle and place it in your right hand. Wave the candle clockwise 3 x’s around the image or murti of Durgā. (If you don’t have either a picture or statue of Durgā you can then wave the light in the same manner symbolically).

9. Sit quietly for 9 minutes and feel
the light within you.

*Note: in Pūjās everything that you offer or work with during the ceremony should not touch the floor, so be mindful of that.

Also do not use your cell phone at this time or become interrupted (unless there is a emergency to attend to). It is a quiet focused time where you are paying respect to the energy of the goddess and feeling her support and light.

Happy Blessed Navaratri Everyone!
May it be a time of healing and deepening into connectivity with the goddess and with your soul.

Love & Light,

The beautiful artwork is made by Nitya Pat Collom.

Copyright 2016 Manorama, Sanskrit Studies

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