Happy new year!

Happy 2016 good people!

It has been a joy to connect with you via this blog, on the mat and many other places around this little planet of ours.

The month of December was one full of celebrations and happy surprises of all sorts. In Paris, a few days after the terrorists attack, a policeman took the metro with me, to make sure I reach destination. Friends and family flew in from afar to celebrate my birthday (a sweet friend cooked us a gourmet vegan dinner); our son turned 14; I flew to Rwanda for a cousin’s wedding and more lifelong friends’ reunions. At every corner, I was reminded that this world is filled with good people, doing truly good karmic work.

This January 2016, the Jivamukti Focus of the month is “Remembering goodness“. I will do my best to share with you here, a good story a day.

Yoga scriptures teach us that yoga is the practice (sadhana) and it is the goal (union with all that IS). They teach us that no lasting peace, or happiness or health can ever exist at the expense of other beings’ suffering.

I wish us all to never miss an opportunity to be kind; to do our best and to keep trying because it’s a practice not perfection:

«  In this path, no effort is ever lost. » Bhagavad Gita II:40

«  Whatever a great man does the same is done by other. Whatever standard he sets the world follows. » Bhagavad Gita III:21

Thank you for believing that kindness – towards all beings – will bring success.

Our first « good story of the month »is brought to you via PETA:  Compassionate fashion . Listen carefully.

With gratitude and love always,











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