MAY 1ST – Let’s workshop again!

Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine

Who verily knows and who can here declare it,
whence it was born and whence comes this creation? – Rg Veda

The Rg Veda uses a vernacular that still survives today when an unanswerable question is asked. We shrug our shoulders and say, “Who knows?”  – David Life, Excerpt from the May 2015 Focus of the Month

Indeed, who knows the meaning of life? Scratching your head ? 

Come explore the question with us!

May 1st- Workshop

Time and Venue : Soluna Pâquis, May 1st from 18:30-20:30, 

*please come 15 minutes ahead of time. Do also register <yogawithjj@gmail.comc> 

We are so looking forward to see all!! 

MAY all be happy and free, 


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