2014 Azahar Foundation Yogathon

Jeanine - Azahar Yogathon_000001

«  My spiritual sister, Yogeswari, works tirelessly, has created Azahar foundation, and teachers yoga in all corners of the world, wherever terrible things are happening specifically as a result of war. She’s totally unafraid, and such an inspiration! She carries a library of book and a harmonium everywhere she travels (…) All the good flowing out of yoga centers encourages us to care. We want to care, but sometimes we forget, and so all these place are reminding us: Remember? The goodness in the world conducts itself through these individual people and their communities. Goodness uses the people who are willing to be instruments of goodness.They live and they work in collaboration. There’s nothing egoistic about these individuals. It’s goodness, and goodness is eternal. It never dies. » ~  Ruth Lauer-Manenti, Sweeping the dust


We are all witnessing the power of Yoga every day and Azahar Foundation’s mission is to bring this wonderful tool to many more people, in particular to disadvantaged youth in the developing world and in post-conflict settings.

On Saturday, November 15th, in the spirit of World Peace, we hope to unite yogis across the world to practice one class.

Brigitte De Picciotto is generously hosting the Yogathon .

In 2015, Azahar Foundation is stretching its activities to Rwanda. It is my great joy and a special honor to teach a jivamukti yoga class in support of this exciting new project.

Join us and be part of the Global AZAHAR YOGATHON Community.

OM Shantih,


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