Cowspiracy – You cannot call yourself an environmentalist and support animal agriculture

april dechagas

This past Sunday, September 21st, 2014, I joined  400,00 others in the People’s Climate March in NYC. It was the largest of it’s kind, and amazing that so many people care about the future of this Earth we live on. Unfortunately, it was covered by only one news network, and only for about 23 seconds.

One of the reasons for the lack of coverage is same same reason why I marched: our major “environmental” organizations, like GreenPeace,, the Sierra Club, etc., refuse to acknowledge the biggest cause of our environmental decline: the animal agriculture industry. The farming industry in the United States essentially runs our government. This industry has so much power in our country, that even high profile people like former Vice-President Al Gore, are afraid to talk about it. In fact, animal rights and environmental activists are the #1 offenders on the FBI watch list, rather than the actual…

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