« Leather isn’t a byproduct…

the only skin I wear is my own …
thank you @peta & @StellaMcCartney #vegan #crueltyfree #fashion

Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine

… it is the most important co-product of the meat industry » – Stella McCartney

Moreover, leather tanning is highly toxic to humans, to groundwater and to the environment


«  If we are buying and eating meat and dairy products, then the slaughterhouse workers, meat packers, and factory farm workers are all working for us. To live by violence and then to deny that you do is to live a lie. Living a lie causes a deep fissure in the human psyche. Yoga seeks to heal that fissure »  – Sharon Gannon

We don’t have to contribute to this brutal industry.

In a coming blog, I’ll share my tips on where to find fashionable and cruelty-free shoes & bags (of course, at affordable prices) … Stay tuned!

Thank you for daring to care,



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