To Have or to Be….

To have or to be…
the poetry and wisdom of my Lady Jo in India (Winter 2013- Spring 2014)

Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine


That is the question.


Strolling down the main street of Gokulam today, my mind went for a walk. I was admiring all the beautiful houses and thinking about my knew friend who wanted to “get rid of some money” by buying a house somewhere in Asia.


I never have possessed a flat or a house, though I have lived in many. Do not have a car, not to say I can’t drive, I usually cycle around town like a lunatic and believe me, it is much more efficient than having a motorised vehicle though a little more wet at times.

That said, I do rent a flat, which a sublet every time I leave, pretty often that is. It’s a charming old place filled with books, records and yes, clothes. To say, nothing substantial.  However, this year, I expressed the urge of getting rid of the excess of material I…

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