“Hot, Hip and Holy!”

Our last workshop of the Year!! Hot, Hip & Holy! #jivamukti #yoga

Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine

***Our last yoga workshop before spring***

Dear Lovely Souls,

Trees have gone from red to bare, days from warm too cold…… The holiday season has started, no doubt!
For the yogi, every day is a Holy Day! When one acknowledges that all living beings are spiritual (they breath, we breath the same air),  one cannot live an ordinary life. For instance during the practice of asana, by deliberately putting ourselves into various shapes, we strive to experience the sameness in the change of form: the vitality of life (prana in sanskrit) in all life forms. We become conduits of energy temporally taking the shape of a mountain, a snake, a cow, a dog and ultimately dropping off the human body itself.  It is therefore of crucial importance to start our practice with an elevated intention. As we move with breath awareness – inhaling, exhaling, conspiring – we are breathing in-synch…

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