For Chocoholics!

Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine

This is undoubtedly the best ever chocolate mousse we ever had!!!

If you joined our post workshop dinner table last Friday at MU-FOOD and were one of those who asked for the recipe of the dessert….

Here it is:

vegan chocolate mousse
It is Candle’s 79 recipe. Candle 79 is a restaurant as well as a Café in NYC which we absolutely adore. The atmosphere of the café is laid-back and cosy plus the food is so satisfying and tasty. The restaurant is a classier place where they serve gourmet vegan food to die for. If ever you are in NY, trust us, do go and have one of their meals! Plus you are supporting a sustainable business. We both possess their cookbook. It is perfect for entertaining guests that are not vegans, satisfying all palates.
So here is the easiest vegan chocolate mousse THAT HAS TO BE DONE THE NIGHT BEFORE…

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