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Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine

A peek at Jeanine’s plate ….IMG_0036

Actually this was my yesterday’s late dinner. As a yoga teacher I often teach at lunch time and have late meals (so this could well be a late lunch). Often I will have some leftovers, some greens and a small smoothie ( which is often my entrée while I am preparing my dinner … never more than 10 minutes)- As for leftovers, I had some scrambled tofu from the infamous Post Punk Kitchen. Then a delicious pumpkin velouté .

Pumpkin velouté Recipe

organic pumpkin

organic coconut milk

organic carrots

curry, salt and pepper ; optional :  cayenne pepper

  • Steam your veggies (washed and not peeled)
  • Put aside the cooking water
  • On a medium heat, cook the coconut milk with the spices
  • Add in the veggies and blend
  • The texture will depend on your preference, use the cooking water to adjust


Peace & easy cooking

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