Progressing Towards Kindness

Save the date : November 8th, our next Yoga & food evening!

Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine



Our next Workshop will take place on the 8th of November at SOLUNA Pâquis, from 7pm till 9pm (50chf). Dinner will follow across the road at MU-FOOD, a vegan 3 course meal will be specially prepared for us!

More details coming soon….

Dear Seekers,

Kindness can be practiced in many ways and it starts with our intention. Through a clean household, sparing water, using ecological cleaning products, getting around by bicycle or public transport, watching our language, thoughts,….the list is long.  But have your ever considered your diet? Have you ever thought of who picked your tomatoes? A free farmer in the South of France or an under paid immigrant boxed in a dump in Spain….. Fruits flown over from Africa, which the carbon dioxide emissions are devastating for the environment? Yes, you most likely have. Buying local and organic food is commonly considered…

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