I love early mornings in Summer…

Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in ♫♪☼ ☀


I know, I know, June 25th and it’s a bit chilly and last week we had an epic hail storm here in Geneva

But we also danced all day and night last week-end : fête de la Musique, Yogathon for Peace, and our second workshop with my jiva sister Joanna

So the summer is kinda kicking off (keep singing with me and with a lot of sun salutations you will definitely create heat). That being said, I do hope to see you , on or off the mat during the coming months of July, August and September…


– > Every Thursday of July : Jivamukti Open Class at babayoga (and off for the whole month of August).

– > Every sunday you might spot me at the Farmers’ Market in Plainpalais (stop by the – Be Vegan, Make Peace-  store) or at Ozi & Raya, eating the best falafel in town

–  > July 14, 10.30- 12 am at Urban Market : A third workshop with Lady Jo ( subscribe to our blog if you’re not already a fan of four hand workshops)

– > My beloved mentor Lady Ruth (Ruth Lauer-Manenti) will be touring Switzerland!

July 12-13 Zurich- angela@yogaforlife.ch
July 14-21 Gstaadt-Jivamukti Immersion with Yogeswari celinefraefel@gmail.com
July 22- Bern- celinefraefel@gmail.com
July 23- Basel- daniela.nfuentes@gmail.com

August : Off…  well Yoga is always ON (please keep it up with your personal practice, check out the digital downloads on the jivamukti yoga website or subscribe Jessica Stickler‘s podcasts on iTunes)


I will have the great privilege to seat at my gurus’ feet for 2  weeks … in Woodstock (Oh BLISS!)

September 6th, 2pm-3.45pm at the Geneva Yoga Festival : A Bhaktiful Jivamukti Yoga Workshop with Lady Jo (flyer coming soon)

If you are interested in private classes, I have free spots during the month of July (on Monday and Tuesday).

What else? You tell me… I would love to hear from you!

Sunshine, Smoothies  (anything vegan and yummy), Wild moves and Love always,




PS: I love late nights too … reading many books at a time…

PS2: the magic ten… for those days 🙂

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