YOU ARE THAT : a Jivamukti yoga workshop

Jivamukti Yoga with Joanna & Jeanine

Dear readers,

We are back with a new workshop!


Me, Myself and I is who we always relate to. It is a deeply rooted belief which leads to the beginning of misery. It could also be called the case of mistaken identity. We hide in disguise behind the labels of our jobs, titles, family roles… but these are only the veils that we put on our true Self.  Our ignorance, misunderstanding, misconception of who we are is the essence of our pain.

“Have you ever encountered somebody and asked them what makes them vibrate instead of asking for their names or job title? Just think – “

Yogis deeply believe that we are something else. Or even more, that we are none than just one.

Misunderstanding is the cause of all problems. No understanding is far better than misunderstanding – Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

In essence, the summation of the Vedic…

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