A karma yoga workshop for Rwanda


“ Where you stop helping others and where you stop growing is the same. If you have an idea of how to help someone, even if it is a small thing…carry it through”. – Lady Ruth (Ruth Lauer-Manenti)

Lieu / Place : Urban Market, rue Jean-Violette 3, 1205 Genève

 Heure / Time: Mardi 5 Mars 2013; 19h-21h / Tuesday March 5th 2013;  7-9 pm

Donation: CHF 20.- (suggérée / suggested)

This will be an all levels Jivamukti Yoga workshop / Tous niveaux pour cet atelier de Jivamukti Yoga

english / français

A message of hope by Esther Mujawayo, co founder of Avega Agahozo / co-fondatrice d’Avega Agahozo

It is my great honor and joy to teach this coming Karma Yoga Workshop benefiting AVEGA AGAHOZO, the association of the genocide widows of Rwanda

Je suis honorée et ravie d’enseigner cet atelier de Yoga sur donation au bénéficie de l’association des veuves du génocide des Tutsi au Rwanda, AVEGA AGAHOZO

The more the merrier, Venez nombreux!

Om Shantih.


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