Girl power is a pleonasm

Today, October 11th, I was told, is International Day of the Girl. I quickly checked the fact, and found  it was the first international Day of Girl… What a concept!

The first two in my personal pantheon are women. So when I discovered Hindu philosophy, I felt a great sense of validation. I was in love with all the Goddesses: Durga, Kali, Parvati,Lakshmi, Saraswati, … all of them inspired me with awe, all of them. Just think of the many Ancient cultures which worshipped the Goddess: Isis (among many titles she was The Only One, The Maker of Kings, the Wife of the Lord, Lady of Green Crops, etc..) in Ancient Egypt, Yemaya (She Who Gives Birth to All of Life) in the Yoruba tradition and more recently, my peruvian friend Marina introduced me to la Pachamama,  an other benevolent mother, benefactress, Goddess of the Cosmos. I spare you the proverbs and sayings…

There must be something very special about women, but what?

With his incredible sense of humor, my teacher David Life (co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga method) put it very nicely :

“In Hindu philosophy, the woman, the Shakti, is the energetic aspect and the men just lay around. The male principle of the Universe just kind of lays around, and it’s the female principle of the Universe that shakes things up, kicks him out of bed and gets things rolling, and I really think that’s the way it works.”  David-ji, in a very cool interview  by Diane Ferraro aka @urbansiren

Then of course, I take a look around the world. In Switzerland where I live, women were granted the right to vote only in 1971 and equal pay remains far from reality (despite the law). In Rwanda where I come from, the parliament was the first in the world where women could claim the majority. Women’s organizations contributed a great deal to the country’s reconstruction after the Tutsi Genocide. Today, young girls are empowered, there is great hope in the future … Nevertheless, all over the world, it is a fact that gender based discrimination still persists.

Looking at the recent history, I see the girl-power movement, the pussy riots, etc… Women, female activists are game changers…everywhere.

I keep on thinking about the incredible women in my family and my beautiful girl-friends (they are family). And I can’t help thinking about my papa who still believes I will one day invent something great (and that the NASA should hire me…no kidding), the man beside me whose love for me is unshakable and that little man, our son, my first admirer…. Sheroes and Heroes they are, God bless them all!

To be honest, I would not trade my place with anyone else in the world.

“Girl-power” is pleonasm, my friends.

Love is the power – but don’t forget the Shakti principle

Happy G-day (that sounds cool) to all!


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