Thank you Georg Feuerstein

Dear readers,

It is through Facebook that I learned the news of the passing preeminent yoga scholar, Georg Feuerstein

Joining my prayers to the community around the world, I feel an immense gratitude for the great wisdom and invaluable knowledge generously shared in Georg Feuerstein‘s books.

Through his book,”Yoga Tradition“,  Georg Feuerstein introduced me to the yoga philosophy. This is still a great resource book.

You might want to read a previous blog  I posted about the great documentary Yoga unveiled featuring many great yoga masters, including Georg Feuerstein

I have to mention the last book Georg co-wrote with his wife Brenda : Green Dharma. A book that they generously offered (as a free download) to all readers. This book is a gem. All yoga practitioners should read it. If you want to go straight to practical tips, read Chapter 11 pages 177-196 .

Thank you Georg-ji,


Tread lightly on this Earth. Be kind to all creatures.

Live simply. Consume less. Avoid air travel. Find alternatives to car travel.

Delight in a vegetarian diet. Grow your own food if possible. Use water sparingly.

Lobby for a saner, healthier world.

Georg and Brenda Feuerstein

Post Scriptum : A short excerpt from Is Yoga a religion? : “Some Westerners who are practicing Christians or Jews are concerned about Yoga being an Eastern religion. They fear that by taking up the practice of Yoga, they might undermine their own religious faith. Are their fears warranted? Is Yoga a religion? The quick answer to both questions is: Instead of undermining their personal faith, Yoga can actually deepen it. (…)All the great religious traditions of the world have their spiritual explorers. Yoga is India’s gift to those wishing to become psychonauts—travelers in the inner space of consciousness. If you genuinely desire to know yourself more profoundly and make sense of the world in which you live, Yoga is a reliable, well-tested vehicle” ~ Georg Feuerstein

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