I am …

a jivamukti yoga student sidelining as a teacher.

The summer is Geneva is gorgeous. I often head to the nearby Parc des Bastions for my morning practice. No set routine, sometimes I practice a whole asana class (creative juices overflow outdoors) . These days I’ve playing with inversions….  Thank you tree beings for supporting me always, and the grass is the best place to crash down. It happens more often than  I would like. “Practice and all is coming” would have said Guruji… So I’m practicing falling down as well while doing my best trying not to indulge in my preferences (backbends and hip openers) .  Beside being a “safe way” to practice both fearlessness and humility, practicing falling is often very fun. Plus it gives much more confidence to pop up in an inversion anytime, anywhere! The morning practice closes with meditation and savasana of course. The birds provide the perfect soundtrack and nothing compares to opening my eyes on a beautiful blue sky.

On my way back home, I might stop by the farmer’s market (just in front of my place) for veggies and fruits  ( I’m a green juice and smoothie lover)  and grab a baguette for my son (who he is definitely a bread & chocolate lover!). He always makes fun of the fact that he’s the only vegetarian who doesn’t like veggies while his cat sister loves rucola (no kidding!). God bless them!

Actually I am also learning how to play the harmonium while still looking for a teacher (please get in touch with me if you know a teacher in my area or goods tutorials you would recommend). In the meantime it is really fun to find nice chords on my own (and yes, it does help to play piano). The sound of the harmonium is one of a kind… I love it!

What else? Tomorrow, I am off to Saanen to study with two of the most seniors jivamukti yoga teachers: my beloved mentor Lady Ruth and the amazing Yogeswari.

Life is good.

Love and blessings,


May all beings be happy. May all be free from sickness.
May all see and experience what is good and beautiful in life. May no one be unhappy.

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