Living in the unknown

Our problem is the problem of knowing much. The world is too much with us. The mind is always with the known. Yet we should know that an unknown Power is leading us all and and therefore, our freedom from the known is quite essential for our living in the Unknown. When all our time is spending harbouring all sorts of thoughts and in accumulating wealth and knowledge, how is it possible to live in the state Unknown in a state of unknowing? We should not forget that the essential nature of everything is emptiness. It is from the negative that positive has become possible. Without zero there is no mathematics, without fullness no emptiness! Unless the house is empty, we shall not be able to live in it or nothing can be kept inside. Unless the pipe is empty, water will not flow through it and unless the Universe is empty, nothing can exist, live or move in it! Electrons and protons constantly revolve round the nucleus and they cannot function in that way unless there is emptiness. When the atom, which till then was the smallest particle of matter, is split, it disappears is space without a trace, releasing energy. The wise know that everything is nothing but energy in many forms: mental, physical, mechanical, nuclear or spiritual and this was known to our Sages long ago as Divine Power. It is with this enormous energy released from matter, which our limited mind cannot fathom, that modern scientists are blindly playing havoc, like children playing with matchboxes in a place where millions litres of petrol are stored. We must understand that it is this Divine Power that guides and sustains us all and, therefore, we should allow ourselves to be led by this Power rather than misled by our own assertive minds. Otherwise the best becomes the worst. – The gentle Swami Nirmalananda, Excerpt from “A garland of forest flowers

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