A great documentary: Living Yoga

The essence of Yoga is to be easeful in body, peaceful in mind, and useful in life. -Swami Satchidananda

Synopsis: Millions worldwide practice Yoga as a means for managing stress, promoting health and creating a more meaningful life. Swami Satchidananda was among the first Yoga masters to bring the classical Yoga tradition to the West and popularize the philosophy and practices. The distinctive teachings he brought blend the physical discipline of Yoga, the spiritual philosophy of Vedic literature and the interfaith ideals he pioneered. His role in the birth of the modern Yoga movement and its impact on the world is chronicled in this hour-long documentary that informs, entertains and provokes self-inquiry. The role of spirituality in wellness and the link between inner peace and outer peace is explored in the film with commentary by Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Rev. James P. Morton, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, Peter Max, Felix Cavaliere, Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB, Dr. Bhagavan Antle, Dr. Sandra McLanahan and CNN’s Larry King, among others.

Living Yoga: The Life and Teachings of Swami Satchidananda…

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