Summer bloggin!

Dear readers,

I am challenging myself to publish everyday of the (holy, hot and hip) month of July… yes DAILY hahaha

Ideas? So far, here is the menu:

  • tons of easy vegan recipes : cocktails, smoothies, juices, easy main dish, wraps, AWEsome salad dressings, bargaining at the market, choosing your olive oil, DIY: caffeine free Iced tea, nut butter, gelato…
  • special:  left over recipes  and veganized dishes suggest me your favorite!
  • Jivamukti Yoga
  • Harmonium lessons
  • daily yoga practice
  • asanas…
  • natural hair and summer (hahaha!)
  • music, books, workshops (those I will be attending, those I plan to teach)
  • vegan friendly places
  • vegan in the City ( yes, a city of cheese lovers)
  • what else?

A good friend of mine just texted me ” your favorite stuff, your orange dress, your earrings, your vanilla fragrance, the magic neck massage in shavasana” … i love you sweetie!

my 10.5yrs boy adds: vegans in cartoons ( aha!! that’s a good one!)

I am here to serve you, please ask…

sunshine, smiles, peace and veggies,


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