Dear readers,

I am back from the Jivamukti Teaching Training at the Omega Institute.

Overjoyed, humbled, blessed… immensely blessed.

I humbly bow to the lotus feet of my beloved teachers Sharon Gannon and David life. Their blessings and great love literally did miracles in my life, and still make everything possible. Thank you Sharon-Ma for embodying musicality, for creating an uplifting and magical atmosphere with your mere presence, for  being the Maa, the hugger and the most joyful and beautiful vegan woman I know. The clarity of your radical message in “yoga and vegetarianism” cracked my heart open and only God knows how much I owe you for being in my life. Thank you David-Ji for embodying Santosha with so much poise and limitless sense of humor. Thank you for your healing hands on me.

Thanks God for the gift of you both, for the gift of the Jivamukti Yoga method,  for your contagious fearlessness and cosmic vision of life. You are a light in so many lives and living inspiration for thousands of spirituals warriors all over the world. Thank you for our everyday and ever growing satsang. This is truly priceless! Last but not least, thank you introducing me to so many holy beings… Chanting with Shyamdas was pure bhava and I still can’t believe Radhanath Swami blessed me.

Deep pranams to my teachers’s holy teachers: Sri Brahmananda Saraswati, the gentle swami Nirmalanda and guruji, the great Sri K. Patthabi Jois.

Infinite gratitude and pranams to Lady Ruth (Ruth Lauer-Manenti) for being my first jivamukti teacher, mentor and living inspiration.

I cherish our time together: the gentle touch, the silent smiles, the soothing words, our conversations, your ability to see beauty everywhere and the immense Yoga Sutra wisdom that you so beautifully shared with us… and your beloved guruji stories. You make me feel his presence, almost physically. Thank you for embodying the perfect student and wanting to know more about my culture. I love you.

Thank you master Jules Febre. You made every single day of this intense month feeling light yet so powerful. Your humility, great wisdom and playfulness enchanted me. I guess my ribs remember your assist in handstand as well! Thank you for the amazing soundtracks and your signature holy hip-hopness in whatever you do. You rock!

Words are not enough… Soaking in the teachings of Yoga for a whole month – meditating twice a day and sitting at the feet of my teachers every morning, making new friends and being now part of the beautiful Jivamukti lineage – is a rare, precious and life changing privilege. I only wish to share these powerful practices of Yoga and find ways to give back, to contribute to some good around me

With joy,



    • THANK YOU! I spent 2 days in the City but could not make it to your class 😦
      My class-mates did… Yusui loved it! next time for sure. I had my sisters visiting from Montreal…everything was perfect. Can you send me your email ? the studio where I teach loves visitors!! Blessings and love back!


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