Project Description

THE FUNNY VEGETARIAN by josef brown on Pozible.


Webisode Series

Written & Produced by Josef Brown

Directed by Richard James Allen


Tony Cogin . Katrina Retallick . Samuel Lucus Allen . Jadzea Allen

Filming was funded by a 2011 grant from VOICELESS – the animal protection institute

A lighter-hearted approach to a serious topic, THE FUNNY VEGETARIAN addresses health, environmental, moral, social and animal rights issues within the context of the story of a family coming to rethink its unquestioned assumptions about what it eats.

The project is accessible and entertaining, stepping away from emotionally confrontational scenes of animal abuse often employed by those striving for increased awareness of animal exploitation. It aims to appeal to mainstream viewers, in particular to our younger generations: offering them thought seeds to carry, consider and perhaps even raise around the context of their own family dinner tables.

Starring acclaimed Australian actors Tony Cogin and Katrina Retallick and introducing Samuel Lucus Allen and Jadzea AllenTHE FUNNY VEGETARIAN tells the story of two tech-savvy teenagers approaching a water-shed moment in their lives, as they learn about the plight of industrially farmed animals.

As our two young protagonists begin sourcing information about the suffering of animals, they learn more about the benefits of a vegetarian diet on their health and the health of our planet. But this new information puts them at odds with their parents, firmly entrenched in their ‘normal‘, even cliche Australian eating habits. A family drama unfolds as a shifting paradigm meets one reluctant to budge, until they all slowly come to ask;

Isn’t it funny what we think of as normal?

Written by Josef Brown (, long time animal rights advocate and vegetarian, Josef has spent a career as an internationally renowned performer and creator. For this project he has teamed with fellow vegetarian and celebrated film-maker Richard James Allen, founder of The Physical TV Company.

The webisodes continue to support the movement of vegetarianism from the fringe and into the suburban home, playing out scenarios young people might experience as they begin taking leadership in determining their future: a process that might begin with as simple a thing as a conversation around the family dinner table.

In order to be seen and generate the widest audience, THE FUNNY VEGETARIAN requires as many internet homes as possible. As a webisode series in seven short parts, the finished film work has been posted to YouTube and Vimeo. From there it can be easily accessed by supportive individuals and organizations around the world and with a few clicks, embedded on your site and shared with your online communities.

THE FUNNY VEGETARIAN is proudly funded by a 2011 grant from VOICELESS – the animal protection institute. However, a portion of further funding is still required for postproduction. For a small contribution you can join us as a credited sponsor of this unique series, which will be viewed around the world.

For more information please contact Josef Brown

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