Blessed Always…

Blessed Always, Blessed Always
For the arms of God surround us
Let our joy be so triumphant
That we rest in God and say Amen

I have been playing this beautiful song by Donna de Lory many times all long the week-end….Her celestial voice is such a soothing balm to my heart.
Last Saturday, a wonderful human being passed away… He was a light to many of us…
I felt overwhelmed by sadness and at the same time reminded that goodness is the very essence of God operating in all of us… In his very simple, humble way, he embodied human goodness.
Whatever our religious beliefs, when we are blessed to meet such a great soul, we can’t help but feel touched by “grace”.
Beyond the tears my heart is filled with gratitude. I am reminded how precious this life is, and how our individual contribution to goodness can make such a great difference in many many lives… a lasting difference .
Blessed always… for your great love remains.

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