You may say I’m dreamer (2)

“Once we find inner peace, any small bit of it, baby step by baby step, we feel much better, even joyful and energized. Then whatever activist work we do to achieve outer peace in any situation comes from an effective place and does not create more turbulence and counter-reactions.” ~ Robert Thurman ~

“We spend much of a time in the West, trying to ensure that people would live to be a hundred without loosing their hair or their teeth. The Buddhists spend their time giving meaning to existence, the Buddhists spend their whole life getting ready for a moment that we spend most of our time pretending it does not exist, which is the moment of death. We, in the West, constantly confuse knowledge for wisdom …” ~ Wade Davis~

The beautiful old lady in this great video, reminds of me of my late grandma, jyajya… she welcomed everybody with a toothless smile and delicious food.

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