Dear readers,

Stepping in 2012, I take a few moments to take inventory of 2011…

I started the year wishing to travel and to teach more… and travels there have been quite a few… most of them, unplanned…. Opportunities to teach I have been given, even more than I could honor.  Each class gave me the opportunity to learn, refine, and grow. I am blessed to meet every week with incredible human beings, who are committed to their practice and call me their teacher. Every day, I wake up with a renewed joy and passion to teach and study yoga. I interact  with all types of people, and I learn from each of them, I learn about the sameness of all of us. It is not a matter of body shape, flexibility, financial wealth, culture, langage etc… whatever our supercial differences are, we all yearn for love, joy and peace from within. After each class, when I see glowing faces emerging from savasana or meditation, I am in awe of the magic of Yoga (it always works). Unplanned travels and unexpected (both pleasant and painful) situations happened in 2011…So if there is only one single lesson to pick from the 2 past years, it is to expect the unexpected …

 Lesson #2 is a corollary of the first lesson: Whatever the situation, keep an open mind and heart . Remember, it is a practice, the more you do it, the best at it you become, so keep practicing, never give up on yourself.

Of course this is easier when you are surrounded with good people…Lesson #3: surround yourself with people who uplift you (unless you are a saint remember your mind is like crystal, it takes the colour of your environment)

It is with infinite gratitude for everything we have shared and tears (of joy) that I wish you all, love , love and love.  As would my teacher say ” with great love everything is possible” and she would add “whatever you want for yourself, you must first be willing to give it to others”. 

With love,


(NYC, 1.1.2012, still basking in the yoga high of an incredible master class taught by David Life)

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