Dear readers,

This week I received an email from my friend Gaël, passionate biologist and talented photographer … he was kindly offering us all his last photo exhibition (which I was sad to have missed): Nature Illuminated

There is so much wild, untamed beauty out there… Can you believe that one person took all these amazing photos? I am totally in love with the birds..and everything.. cannot begin to pick out a favorite… A big thank you to  Gael Vande Weghe and Illume’s people for letting us see Nature through your eyes (and lenses)… totally awe-inspiring!

Environmental activist, Terry Tempest Williams once said that “We were born of wilderness, and we respond to it more than we sometimes realize. We depend upon it increasingly for relief from the termite life we have created. Factories, power plants, resorts, we can make anywhere. Wilderness, once we have given it up, is beyond reconstruction.”

I remember last week, when we took our kitten to her first visit to the park nearby:  her heart was popping out her chest … there she was climbing trees, jumping, playing hide-and-seek … almost dancing!!

RECLAIM NATURE! Walk barefoot, sing and laugh out loud, walk in the rain, swim in the lake/river, practice yoga asana (or any other work-out) outside  (you will quickly notice creative juices overflowing after headstand or an incredible high after full wheel), grow your own basil/herbs … eat your veggies raw (summertime isn’t it?)…Slow down and stay tuned to the pulse of the lives surrounding you : those birds you could feed with organics seeds… your pet friends who appreciate fresh food as you do… Support a wildlife conservancy organization of your choice… RECLAIM NATURE, she is part of you.

We are all made of stardust. As brothers of wild beasts and cousins of the flowers in the fields, we all carry the history of the cosmos. Just by breathing, we are linked to all the other beings that have lived on the planet.Trinh Xuan Thuan

PS 1: Two interesting and inspiring movies/websites: Bag it! and No impact man

PS2: If you are interested in experimenting the  “no impact week” ; http://www.yesmagazine.org/planet/no-impact-week-with-yes .. if you need a co-experimenter, contact me!

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