Teachers and Teachings(1)

“As you meet beeings along the path,you’ll come to sense who are your teachers and who are teachings for you. Some teachers are obviously still working on themselves, and they feed you by sharing their experiences. Others serve as living examples of the detours and the pitfalls along the way, which may help you reflect on how to get on with your own path. They become teachings for you, whatever the intention when you started out.


A true guru, whether on this physical plane or not, can show you the possibility of enlightenment. That darshan,that flash of reality, gives you a perspective on the spiritual state and your psychological stuff. (…) As we begin to observe the roadblocks that impede our way, we see how we need to clean up our mental clutter and clear away the distractions.(…) Clearing the mind is a process of becoming simple, but it’s not a simple process. There’s plenty of rooms for excursions into delusion (maya).We’ve all encountered, whether in ourselves or others, the tendency to substitute piety for purity, ritual for personal experience, or concepts for consciousness.These are ways we pretend to be spiritual while maintaining the fiction that we are the center of the universe.The delusions are not good or bad, but the ego can be very subtle and convincing at “being spiritual” too. ” I’m a spiritual person”- how many lifetimes will we spend on that one? Eventually those fictions may lead us to real spiritual work anyway.

The guru acts as a mirror for your soul and at the same time reflects your impurities and attachments back to you. (…)

Of course, not everyone has a guru in a body to reflect their attachments back to them and show them where they are stuck. (…)Without somebody on the physical plane, it is easy to preserve your subtle ego defenses, in effect to stand in your own way.With a guru on the subtle plane you can too easily interpret his or her teaching to maintain your ego. I imagine I hear Maharaj-ji, and I interpret it.It’s the interpretation that’s gets me in trouble! Is it Maharaj-ji , or is my ego? I have to listen very carefully.

When a new experience presents itself, I ask, “Does it fit? Is it a teaching from the guru? Does it feel right” Your intuition, the quality of the heart that connects you to the guru, is how you validate and integrate the teachings. There is an intuitive stamp of approval. that intuition is based in the atman, so you’re using the spiritual heart as your radar. It’s not like using the intellect to judge.”

Extrait de “BE LOVE NOW, the path of the heart” par Ram Dass

Ram Dass sur le même sujet sur youtube . Son élocution est lente suite  à un avc , il n’en est pas moins fascinant de l’écouter et bien sûr de lire son dernier livre extraordinaire.



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