On Mantras (1)

Nous allons entamer une série de petits articles sur les mantras, les malas et autres “petites grandes choses”…

Extrait choisi pour commencer:

Gurmukh points out that most of us use mantras all day long, often unconsciously, both out loud and silently to ourselves.”it’s never gonna work, I’m tired, I should, I can’t, I sure hope it’s gonna work”…. It will just keep us caught in that law of cause and effect and cause and effect.”.

According to Gurmukh, not only it is important to become aware of the words themselves, but also the way they are spoken. As a practice, she recommends letting anything come out of your mouth at first and simply notice what you’re saying all the time. (…) She feels that we’ve been so deeply conditioned to give our power over an external authority- the state, the church,the medical institutions- and that this is reflected in our language, which in turns keeps us caught in that paradigm. (…)”When you say “I am”, you empower with self acceptance and love. When you say “I want” you are saying “I am not enough the way I am” “. Sometimes, the best choice of words is no words. She tells the story of two sisters sitting next to each other on a park bench. They remain silent for a long time. “As they get up to go, one turns to the other and says, “That’s the best conversation I’ve had in a long time”

Extrait de Yogini, the power of women in yoga par Janice Gates

Question: Do you mantra?

Proposition: “Do you” mantra.

Ambiance musicale: Mantras for precarious times, Deva Primal…. sur youtube aussi



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