This sanskrit verse opens the Yoga Sutras of Pantajali.

Sanskrit, the sacred langage of yoga is not my mother tongue, but its sounds seem to come from a very familiar place though. As weird as it might sound today, I always knew that someday I will fall in love with yoga…. it finally happened when Miranda suggested I should attend one of her poweryoga classes… an hour later, I emerged sweaty and totally blown away. That was IT. That was the yoga and the instructor I longed for.

At the physical level, I was feeling 5years old again, light and energized. The good news it that the”yoga high” I experienced that time – and so many more times since then – was much more….

As ancient as it is, Yoga is an “all-inclusive” science and philosophy, suitable for every body and meant for  everyone’s practical living  .

Whatever your yoga (in)experience, please share  the “Atha” or the “Now” of the first sutra, that beginner’s mind that is overjoyed to rock an asana, that humble seasoned practionner who is sensitive to the subtle changes of a breath. Let’s share the everylasting newness and juicyness of Yoga, those “Aha moments” when we finally connect with those untouched places within ourselves … and around us.

Peu importent la langue, l’ancienneté de ses traditions qui nous viennent de l’Inde, le Yoga, approche holistique de la vie par excellence, est un langage est universel que je vous invite à partager ici.

Karibu, Welcome, Bienvenue sur ce blog !



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